Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Abbie's 1st Day of Preschool (Belated)

I know, I know. This picture is a couple months old, but my mom just sent me an animated version of this and it reminded me I never posted this on the blog.  I stole the idea from a few pictures on Pinterest, my mom found the chalkboard and then her hubby actually drew out those cute books, crayon and apple. Isn't it adorable?!? I have already put the board up for next year. 

Gravity Check!

surprise ones.  I don't even know when a gravity check is going to occur.   

Abbie came home from school yesterday with a bruise on the back of her leg and a slightly swollen lip.  The hubby asked her what happened and she said she fell off of a tire swing at school.  Abbie has absolutely no fear of heights or speed or really anything you would find on a playground, so this sounded par for the course. 

Later that night though I noticed a bruise under her chin.

Me:  Abbie, you have a bruise under your chin.
Abbie:  Okay.
Me:  Well, what happened?
Abbie:  I got hit.
Me:  You got hit? By what?
Abbie:  Um....
Me:  Abbie, who or what hit you?
Abbie:  The ground.
Me:  Oh, I see.  The ground came up and hit you in the face?
Abbie:  Yeah.
Me:  I hate when that happens.
Abbie:  Me too.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FrankenWhaaaaa? you see the previews for that new Disney movie, "FrankenWeenie"?  If you haven't yet, or you are like my mother and you mute (and ignore) all commercials, let me just say it is a new Tim Burton film. You know Tim Burton. That dark-and-mysterious-slighly-creepy-but-totally-awesome-because-he-is-like-BFF-with-Johnny-Depp dude? Crazy hair? Oh, and he's a director.  Anyway.  He has a new Halloween movie coming out this year.  The previews are all black and white and I honestly never thought my pink-lovin' 3 year old would give it the time of day.  But for some reason, Abbie is obsessed with the previews.  If she is in the room when it comes on, she begs us to "do it again!" so we oblige and loop back the DVR about 5 times before we tell her it is broken (shut up, you lie to your kids too).  Finally my husband saved a few of the trailers on YouTube on his cell so we can show her whenever it pops into her head.

So....last night we were cleaning up in the kitchen and Abbie and Devin were in the living room.  I'm not sure what they were talking about but we hear Abbie say, "It's okay, Devin, that winkie panties won't get you."


Michael, of course, had to go figure out what she was talking about.

Hubby:  Abbie, what are you telling Devin?
Abbie:  I'm telling Devin that winkie panties won't get him. 
Hubby:  Winkie panties? What is that??
Abbie: You know, Daddy, winkie panties! On the TV. With that cat and the dog.
Hubby:  Are you talking about FrankenWeenie?
Abbie: That's what I said! WINKIE PANTIES!!!
Hubby:  Um, no.  That movie is called FrankenWeenie.
Abbie: FrankenWeenie???
Hubby: Yes.
Abbie:  Oh.  Okay.

For the record, about five minutes later Abbie again asked us to watch winkie panties.  But I am now happy to report that she has learned the correct name.  And I'm pretty sure we will NOT be going to see this one in the theater for the fear of what my loud-mouth kiddo might say.  And yes, we got a HUGE laugh out of this after Abbie was out of the room.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girls Are Gross!

I have plenty of friends and family members that have at least one boy, so I had plenty of warnings about just how gross, nasty, dirty and disgusting boys are while I was pregnant with Devin. But I gotta tell you, girls can be pretty gross also.

Abbie is at that great age right now where her imagination can really take over. She brings us empty toy cups and warns us to blow on the coffee before drinking it.  She cooks up all sorts of invisible goodies in her kitchen.  And lately she will asks us to take something from her hand and since there is nothing there, we have to ask her "what is it?" in order to play along.

Well, yesterday Abbie's school called because she was running a fever of 101.  She was in great spirits all evening, but just had a nagging cough. Of course, when it was time to lay down, the cough got much worse, so I went in her room and laid down with her for a little while to help soothe her to sleep.  We only had a night light on, so when she offered me her hand I reached out and accepted the invisible goodie. Or so I thought it was invisible.  I asked her what it was and she replied, "A booger".

Without even thinking, I threw the treat clear across the room and squealed.  Of course, then I had to explain to my impressionable 3-year-old that we do not throw boogers across the room, and then I had to spend the next 5 minutes searching for the little gem.

See, girls are gross too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dueces and Naked Chicks

My parents have told me on more than one occasion that I took great delight as a child in undressing my Barbie dolls...but rarely bothering to put their clothes back on.  I'm not sure why that was such a fun game, but my daughter has also discovered, all on her own, that this is a super fun game!  Michael and I frequently find ourselves stepping on naked dolls.  And if you are my "friend" on Facebook you will recall that I uploaded a picture of Devin's first bath where Abbie brought him a naked Ariel doll in an effort to console her cold, teary brother.

Well, a couple weeks ago she again brought her brother a naked doll when he was crying.  She also brought him a pacifier, but Michael seems to think it was really the naked doll that cheered him up.  It wasn't until after I had snapped this picture that we noticed the peace sign Devin also seemed to be throwing up at us.  Hope you enjoy the picture. Dueces!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Jumping Back In (Inquiring Minds Want to Know!)

Well, I haven't blogged since my daughter was 2 and since she turned 3 this past November, I am clearly behind.  And since my last blog was dedicated entirely to my daughter, I decided it was time to expand my horizons a bit.  I now have a son to add to the mix so I have started this page as an attempt to keep everyone up to speed on the two children (and me and my husband, of course).

I have lots to share even just since Devin was born a month ago, but since I'm pressed for time, I thought I would start with just this quick little recap of a fantastic conversation that took place last Friday morning.  Since Devin is only a month old and still seems to have his days and nights confused, I am a bit of a hot mess every morning, but I still need to get Abbie to school, so I manage to drag myself out of bed each morning.  I had already gotten Abbie dressed and was trying to get Devin changed and ready to go.  He usually decides he is starving just as I'm ready to walk out the door, so it is definitely chaotic.  I have Devin laid out on our bed and the conversation went a little something like this...

Abbie:     Mommy, what are those?
Me:        Those are Devin's nipples.
Abbie:     Nipples.  Are those boo-boo's?
Me:        No, they are just nipples. Everyone has them.
Abbie:    (Lifting her shirt and inspecting herself) Those are nipples?
Me:        Yup.
Abbie:    Let me see your nipples.
Me:       (Rolling my eyes because suddenly Michael has decided to come back into the bedroom)
             Um, not right now. We need to hurry up and leave for school.
Abbie:    Mommy, what is that?
Me:       (Silently saying a short little prayer to God) That is Devin's penis.
Abbie:   A penis. Um...(she then begins to pull her shorts down)
Me:      Nononono. You don't have a penis. Only boys have penises. You and I don't have one.

And at this point I realize that Michael is no where to be seen.  I start looking around and just see his tail sticking up on the other side of the bed. 

Me:         Um, hello? I notice you aren't participating in this conversation.
Michael:   I have to, um...well, I need to...I am tying my shoes!
Me:         Ha! Sure is taking you a long time!
Michael:  Yeah, well...I need to tie my shoes.

Looks like I am in for many more fun questions from my daughter and will be getting absolutely NO help from my husband!!! Oh well, I love him anyway.